Rules in Dark Souls the Board Game will be covered on this page. This page will be updated with the rules of the game.




Overview of a Playthrough


Pre-game - select the mini-boss and boss you wish to play against, arrange the appropriate ai, encounter, treasure, and equipment decks along with your tiles. Once the correct decks are created and tiles are chosen, give them a shuffle. We are ready to begin.

  1. Start on bonfire tile.
  2. Draw tile from tile stack.
  3. Choose direction to go by placing tile at an exit.
  4. Enter newly placed tile, draw encounter card from mini-boss encounter deck.
  5. Place specified enemies, events and hazards.
  6. Fight enemies that have been placed on the tile, this can have two outcomes which are stated below
    1. Gain treasure and souls upon defeating them. If successful you can 'homeward bone' or walk back to the bonfire, your estus flask will be refilled. Anytime you return to a bonfire enemies will respawn. Here you can spend souls to upgrade you character. Alternatively you can press on further if you don't feel the need to return to the bonfire.
    2. Die trying, when you die you will return to the bonfire and everything will have respawned. Any souls you were in possession of are lost upon dying. Now you can try again by either entering the same room again, attempting to regain any lost souls in the process or alternatively you can draw a new tile and place it at a different exit and try a different direction.
  7. Repeat steps 1 through 6 until you have defeated the mini-boss.
  8. Once the mini-boss is defeated you place the bonfire tile on the exit of the mini-boss tile. Pick up all placed tiles, shuffle them and proceed through steps 1-6 (replacing the mini-boss encounter deck with the main boss one) until you have defeated the main boss.
  9. If you take him down, congratulations you've won... unless you have a mega-boss lying in wait.

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