The Bonfire in Dark Souls the Board Game is placed on the starting tile of a game. Players begin the game on the tile that the bonfire is on and progress through the game's tiles until the game is completed.


Bonfire Information


Returning to a Bonfire

  • Upon completing a room, players can return to the bonfire to refill their Estus Flask and spend souls to upgrade their Player Character. Resting at the bonfire will respawn any Enemies.
  • When you die you will return to the bonfire and everything will have respawned. Any souls you were in possession of are lost upon dying. Now you can try again by either entering the same room again, attempting to regain any lost souls in the process or alternatively you can draw a new tile and place it at a different exit and try a different direction.


Moving the Bonfire

  • Once the Mini-Boss is defeated you place the bonfire tile on the exit of the mini-boss tile. Pick up all placed tiles, shuffle them and proceed through the game steps (replacing the mini-boss encounter deck with the main boss one) until you have defeated the main Boss.

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